Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Archerfield Airport Stages Emergency Exercise (09/09/15)

Archerfield Airport’s emergency procedures were put to the test on Wednesday September 9 using a real time field exercise involving airport staff, Queensland Police, Queensland Ambulance, QGAir, and Fire and Emergency Services personnel. In the mock exercise, an aircraft carrying an aero-medical team and their patients ‘crashed’ on landing. There was one fatality, with injured passengers treated at a triage station near the crash site before being transported by ambulance to hospital.

Archerfield Airport General Manager, Heather Mattes, said the exercise was a valuable opportunity for airport staff and emergency services personnel to work together to improve response procedures in the event of a genuine plane crash. She said a debriefing held after the exercise identified ways the agencies could improve co-ordination and communications; and lessons learned would be used to finetune the airport’s emergency plan.

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